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How to Navigate in the Post-Covid Era

If you are going to successfully navigate your business post-covid, then you need to redirect your focus on some critical essentials. Your focused activities need to remain on your growth strategies. Whilst much has changed in our world some principles still remain the bedrock of a thriving practice. The only difference is that in the post-covid era, the manner in which we conduct these essentials is slightly different. Discover the 5 key essential focus areas post covid.

Social Media in Lockdown: Part 1 of 2

As we progress into Lockdown Social Media is a mode of communication that is currently being used to a greater than average capacity. Since screen time is very high at the moment (probably the highest its ever been) and people are absorbing a lot more information, you can become part of their world by putting across the right type of messages. In this 2 part blog we explore how best to use social media.

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Marketing During The Corona Effect

Marketing is a dynamic activity and thus smart entreprenuers are ever changing their strategies to stay current with the times. In these very difficult pandemic circumstances your Marketing needs to be more sensitive that ever before. Here I discuss how best to promote your business during the Corona Effect.

Great Communication Equals Huge Marketing Returns

We are now in an environment as such that your marketing content should also the basis of the communication (verbal skills) articulated by your entire team when they interact with any patients. Early adopters to this style of communication will not only be gaining a return on your marketing efforts

Understanding Patient Perception To Gain Case Acceptances

Achieving a great practice has much to do with choices and decisions. This forms the foundation of gaining case acceptances from our patients. However, it is not only about giving choices but also making sure that those choices are understood and hence more favourable decisions can be made.

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